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Important Updates!

Referral Bonus has $$$$ QUADRUPLED $$$$ We need more
excellent CAREGivers like you! Why pay for advertising, when we can
pay you?? Refer a CAREGiver and at their 90-day review, if they are
in good standing, you will receive a $200 referral bonus! Refer 5
CAREGivers, you will receive $1,000.00!
We are now enforcing our No Signature, No Pay Policy. This means
if we have not received the necessary signature for your shift by the
deadline, your entire shift(s) will not be on your paycheck until we
receive it. We must always have a signature! PACE forms are not yet
digital so make sure to have them in on time. This means if you turn
in your signed notes late, you could miss out on getting paid on the
correct pay date.

Hepatitis A infection is a vaccine-preventable illness.

The primary mode of Hepatitis A virus transmission in the U.S. is person-to-person
through fecal-oral route. The best way to prevent Hep A infection is
through vaccination. Additionally, practicing good hand hygiene plays
an important role in preventing the spread of Hep A.


Cases reported for January 2019:
Citrus: 3

Pasco: 29

Hernando: 9

Pinellas: 42

Hillsborough: 19

Polk: 1

All County Health Departments offer the Hepatitis A vaccine and many
are offering them for FREE. Please contact your local health
department for more information.

14202 62nd St N Clearwater, FL 33760 Phone: (727) 799-1400 • FAX: (727) 799-3958
Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is independently owned and operated.

Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation policy update:

Did you know you can be changed with misappropriation of funds if so
much as charge a Chapstick to your client’s grocery bill at the store
without written consent? Misappropriation funds is the illegal use of
funds. If you client gives you money to go to the store and you use
even $.01 of it for yourself, it is considered misappropriation of funds.

DCF is looking to prosecute anyone using their power as a CAREGiver
incorrectly. If a client offers to buy you the Chapstick, you must get it
in writing. Use a Gift Form or a hand written, dated and signed
statement from the client. If the client does not handle their own
finances, you can NOT accept any gifts from them at all.

If you accept money, items or gifts from your client without a gift form
or written, signed and dated statement turned into the office, you will
be prosecuted for Exploitation of seniors. It will go on your permanent
record and you will no longer be able to work with a protected class,
like seniors. After a recent visit from AHCA, we had to terminate an
employee of over 11 years because she asked her client if she could
borrow $20. AHCA deemed this Exploitation and she had to be
terminated and will no longer be able to work with seniors.

If your client tells you another CAREGiver asked them for money or if
they gave them any money or a gift, you must report it immediately.
We will determine if there was written consent and if not, we will be
contacting DCF immediately. We work with a protected class and we
are ALL mandatory reporters. You all are our trusted eyes and ears
out there so help us protect our seniors. Your clients should never
even know if you are having financial issues, so they should never offer
you money.

Unwanted GAPS in your schedule? Please contact the office so we
can help adjust your schedule to keep you busy with limited down time.
If you are unhappy with your schedule, please contact your scheduler.
If you do not have the changes you need within one week, contact JC

We are very CAREGiver focused and want you to be happy
with your schedule.